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What do you love about your business? What words, pictures and feelings come to mind? Your logo should communicate this story to your customer. A logo is your visual signature; a simple image that ties together all elements in the marketing mix. At a glance, it should be aesthetic, memorable and capture the essence of your brand.

As a logo design freelancer, my job is to create an original and viable graphic that makes you happy to look at. Through an inspired, contemporary mix of fonts, colours, shapes and composition, a successful logo can hold its weight and stand the test of time.

The design will evolve in stages, beginning with listening to your ideas and deciding on concepts. Maybe you want to update an existing logo or retain certain parts of its design. I’ll offer options, and continue making refinements based on your feedback. The image should align with your industry, while also distinguishing you from competitors.

Once a design is finalised, it will be tested to make sure it resonates with a target audience and is scalable across products, print materials and digital platforms. The chosen logo will be adopted to your website, social media, signs, menu, business interior, uniforms, promotional materials and merchandise.

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