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Today, SEO is a basic requirement of online marketing. Even if your business has an attractive web presence, if you haven’t considered SEO copywriting then you are leaving money on the table. So, while SEO helps your website amass more views, good copy ensures that the right impression is made on every potential customer.

An on-page SEO audit looks at the entire website to identify aspects that need to be strengthened in order to appear higher on search engine results. SEO doesn’t only apply to the body text of your webpage, it extends to titles, descriptions, tags, URLs and more. The audit considers site speed, outbound links including social media connection, optimisation of images and multimedia, and whether the design is responsive across devices.

Once you have your SEO audit, the next step is getting copy that is shaped according to important search terms revealed by the audit. Strong copywriting speaks directly to your audience, making them feel engaged and understood. Messaging should be consistent and on-brand across all online marketing, while naturally incorporating search keywords.

Hiring a copywriter is a lot easier when you can hand over a comprehensive brief. The brief contains practical expectations of the assignment, but also background information on your company. I can help you find expert copywriters and create brief templates that will prove to be a long-term resource for your business.

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