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The sign on your business premise is a priceless first impression. It can make or break whether a potential customer decides to step into your business. As a signage designer, I specialise in creating signs that are clear, impactful and aesthetic.

Effective signage can be used as strong advertising tools. Typography, colours, materials, and a touch of innovation all come together to represent your brand, attract customers and leave an impression. Logos and simple graphics can also be incorporated to create an iconic image.

Storefront signs come in a variety of styles: hanging, A-frame, vinyl window lettering, banners, metallic and more. A quality-made sign can stand up to weather and time. Signs have to be visible from a distance, during day and night. Illumination can be achieved through fun solutions like neon, lightboxes, and back or overhead lighting.

While outside signs work to attract customers, interior signage is also essential to keep your business running smoothly. Well-defined signs and indications for the washrooms, exits, etc., help both employees and customers.

Look no further for the perfect signage designer for your company. For a consultation on indoor and outdoor wayfinder signs, get in touch now.

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