Photography Brief, Planning & Management

High-quality, custom photography is an investment in marketing that cannot be understated. However, executing a great photo shoot (and knowing the appropriate budget) can be a daunting task. With a strong photography brief, the perfect pictures are within reach.

A photography brief ensures nothing is left to the last minute. It’s a plan as well as a reference point, enabling everything to go smoothly and achieve optimal results. You’ll have a gallery of images specifically shot for a purpose, which your designers can use across all your materials – this reduces the need to continually spend time sourcing (and buying) stock shots.

The brief communicates the character and story of your business, as well as information about promotional strategy and customer base. Technical details are crucial, such as styling decisions, lighting, schedules, timing and location. It can also include a mood board of inspirations and examples of the types of shots you’re seeking. The brief brings together everyone involved and lets them know exactly what is expected.

Perhaps the most important component of the brief is the shoot list. This is a defined list of each required shot and its composition, angle, background and props. An effective shoot list saves time and makes sure all bases are covered, from products to the ambience of a venue.

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