About Designbite

Designbite was born from my love of design and food. I always enjoyed all sorts of food flavours from a very young age and literally ate whatever was put in front of me (not to mention two dinners after school – it’s a good thing I had a fast metabolism!)

Fast-forward to my adult years (minus two dinners) and my love affair with food continued. I had a successful career with a top publishing company for nine years as Project Art Editor for the Food and Drink team, creating beautifully designed lifestyle books. I gained valuable experience working with the UK’s best-known chefs, authors, supermarkets and TV shows that revolved around the food and drink industry. I realised everything boiled down (no pun intended!) to a creative process; the trends, the recipes, photography, food styling, prop styling, editorial, right through to the finished product.

This awareness extended whenever I ate out. I was always interested in the way a restaurant was branded, from the logo, to the architecture and interior design, the menu, the service, the customer interaction – it all works together to create that perfect ambience and experience that makes you want to return time and time again, or highly recommend it.

That’s why I was inspired to start Designbite – a place to bring my design knowledge and expertise to local restaurants, bars and cafés. I wanted to help businesses reach their potential through strongly branded logos, websites, and visual communication, and allow them to stand out from their competitors.

Take a look at my work and you’ll see some of the exciting projects I’ve worked on and if you like the look of it, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you! – Kat