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In your industry, you’re probably accustomed to long hours and a fast-paced environment. Why not add something tangible and lasting to your product mix? A book is a chance to share what you and your customers love about your unique product, character and history.

Depending on your niche, your book can emphasise cultural traditions or share the knowledge in your skill or craft. Your book can spotlight fresh, nutritional ingredients, tell entertaining stories in your narrative or construct step-by-step guides. It’s your chance to create a specialised guide or reveal behind-the-scenes secrets to creating sensational products.

Through aesthetic design and curated content, your book will recreate the experiences you’d want for your customer. Format, typography, graphics, and paper finish are all important considerations to create a lasting product that caters to your specific customer base. A strong book cover design has to display beautifully within your establishment, and also make an impact on your website store or e-commerce shop.

As a book designer with extensive experience in the print industry, I’m dedicated to making your book affordably sourced and flawlessly printed.

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