Print Production Management

Businesses have a wide range of printing needs – from menus and business cards to banners, training manuals, tasting guides, recipe books and event or catering brochures. Don’t make the mistake of taking your project straight to the printer! Files must be technically prepared in order to avoid costly errors and unattractive flaws.

When transferring from file to print, it’s important to have high-quality images and ensure colours come out exactly as intended. The type of paper, although often chosen last minute, should be carefully selected early on, considering the optimal weight, finish and durability. The format may need to be adjusted according to technical printer requirements, and expert text proofreading is essential.

As an experienced professional in print production management, you can rely on me to negotiate the best prices for materials and processing, while adhering to your budget and timeline. Before the final production of your project, you’ll have the chance to approve a proof version and make sure it appears exactly as you envisioned.

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