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Well-designed direct mail doesn’t go straight to the bin – it becomes a conversation topic. Discover inspiration through endless creative options, customised to promote your restaurant, bar, or café.

Use direct mail to offer a new seasonal menu, holiday special or a voucher. You can even include a print-out of your menu for takeaway or delivery. Direct mail is a means to build awareness about venue or catering services, and drive traffic to your website and social media.

Striking colours, subtle textures and special finishes will captivate your audience, so you can be sure your message gets delivered. There are endless ways to incorporate engaging graphics and innovative typography. An envelope can be designed to look like an invitation, or even a simple postcard style can be effective.

Strategic mailing lists maximise impact, so your campaign doesn’t have to be a big investment. Mailing lists can be generated according to specific demographic information and neighbourhoods. One method proven to be successful is sending out a birthday voucher during the recipients’ birth month.

Direct mail featuring your restaurant delivers a tangible promise that a special experience (and delicious food!) is waiting right around the corner. As a direct mail designer, you can count on expert services and competitive prices, from development to print sourcing.

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