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The landing page of your website holds the key to turning visitors into customers. People are directed to your site by search engines and social media. As the first page that appears, it can significantly influence how your business is perceived. An effective landing page is equal parts design and marketing strategy.

Landing page design has to be visually aesthetic and harmonise with the existing or future website format and brand personality. Call-to-action buttons on your landing page are powerful tools to capture emails, generate user-analytics and increase conversion rates. With your specific needs and goals in mind, we can use the landing page to implement promotional strategies that work in cooperation with your social media and other campaigns.

Considering important buttons like reservation booking, taking advantage of a launch offer and location, your landing page has to be easy to navigate. The page should also be optimised to load quickly and convert across desktop, mobile and handheld devices. A landing page can even serve as functional placeholder while your permanent site is being built.

As a landing page design freelancer, I combine my knowledge of business and graphic design so you can generate revenue without compromising visual impact.

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