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There’s nothing like that moment when a waiter sets a menu before you. A menu holds the promise of delicious food and drinks, and also sets the tone for a lovely dining experience. So, before the waiter whisks them away, make the best impact possible through beautiful and strategic menu design for your restaurant.

Incorporating graphics, high-quality photography and well-defined illustrations can draw attention to the quality of certain dishes and reinforce positive associations. Typography should be carefully selected, and text easily readable and organised to guide the reader’s eye. Paper finish and durability are considered, as well as adaption for seasonal or price changes.

Smart, clear writing is essential. Do you offer a colourful, engaging description of each dish – or simply list off its handful of specialty ingredients? You’d be surprised how much impact simple words like “fresh” or “handmade” can have on sales. Menu item names and information should be cohesive and aligned with your overall theme.

Great restaurant menus create appeal through a balance of format, text and imagery. With these elements properly in place, a menu can encourage both customer satisfaction and increased orders. Your menu is a pillar of your presentation and should also serve as a practical support to waiting staff.

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