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A strong brand identity is essential in today’s market. Brand identity should be authentic, evocative, and reflect the values of your business. Through a customised (and fun!) process, we’ll develop a dynamic promotional mix that clearly communicates your distinct brand personality.

In industry, brand identity can help create a special atmosphere and loyal customer base. The components that build brand identity include, but are not limited to, digital and print materials, letterhead, logo, typographic treatments, targeted messaging, displays, packaging, colour palette, colour psychology and social media strategy.

As a brand identity freelancer, I bring to the table a fresh, creative perspective and extensive knowledge of contemporary graphic design and restaurant marketing. Considering your unique challenges and aspirations, I’ll design a simple, effective branding strategy and walk you through every step. I believe the visual and textual representation of your company should be timeless, memorable and impactful.

Together, we can get into the crux of your business and capture what sets you apart. From business cards to total overhaul, no project is too big or too small. For a consultation on a personalised analysis of how to optimise your branding,
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