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There’s no doubt that package design can sell a product. In a glance, a product can look like something you need to have in your home or give as a gift. As a freelance packaging designer, my job is to create the perfect design for your product, through a balance of aesthetic appeal, functionality and knowledge of market trends.

Attractive packages draw inspiration from the product itself as well as the brand. Colour palette, finish, font, texture and graphics can make a package eye-catching from afar and delightful upon closer inspection. Creative package design conveys a quality product, increases sales performance and leads to brand recognition.

Whether you are developing a signature product or line of products, package design should be able to adapt to expansion and trends. It’s critical to study customer base and position among competitors. When packaging products for online sales and e-commerce shops, they must also look desirable on the screen.

Your product’s package must clearly communicate (within seconds!) what’s inside. Additionally, it has to serve a purpose – keeping products safe and fresh, while still being eco-friendly and affordable. It must also consider technical requirements like labelling and ingredients.

Package design is an important component of product presentation. For a consultation, get in touch now.

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