Photography Art Direction

Beautiful images have the ability to tell a story. They can draw viewers in, provoke moods and solicit reactions. Custom photography can have a major impact on your marketing strategy – but producing distinct, quality images requires an understanding of the big picture, literally, as well as careful consideration of many technical details.

As an art director for restaurant photography, I bring fresh ideas to the table, while staying grounded in my knowledge and experience. I focus on really understanding your brand, with the vision of producing a range of versatile images that can be used across all your promotional materials – from print to web and social media.

Your photography should reflect the passion you’ve put into your business. Vibrant colours, subtle textures and natural elements inspire, while superior products and well-placed props complement the context. Images should not only show services or products, but also its skilful preparation, where necessary, and the atmosphere in which it is enhanced or enjoyed.

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